Check These Great Quotes About Mary-Louise Parker

"I got to work with Mary-Louise Parker.
I can't even tell you how much I learned working with her. It was amazing."

Jillian Rose Reed, costar of Weeds

"We all just wanted to work with Mary-Louise."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, costar of Weeds

"Mary-Louise Parker we were longtime fans of.
So it was like going down the list of New York actors, who we love."

"Mary-Louise is so good that you can just see all of it."

David Levien & Brian Koppelman, directors of Solitary Man

"I love working with Mary-Louise Parker. She keeps me on my toes."

"When I had an audition for it, a friend loaned me the first season of the show.
I fell in love with it, it's such a great, great unique show and Mary-Louise Parker is so good."

Guillermo Diaz, costar of Weeds

"She's fantastic. I was a big fan of Weeds. I actually know Hunter Parrish quite well.
I did a short film with him years ago. I think she¡¯s a fantastic actress.
She has a son herself so she has that family thing. She was so great.
She wasn¡¯t on set too much but when she was, every day we'd have lunch in her trailer
and she was so down to earth and just lovely and she¡¯s had some hard things in her life
and I think that she¡¯s come through it and she¡¯s the better person."

Sarah Bolger, costar of The Spiderwick Chronicles

"I love working with Mary Louise Parker, and I love playing Doug Wilson."

Kevin Nealon, costar of Weeds

"Oh my God! I am really honored because she is just one of the greatest actresses.
I love her because she's been on stage, and she's an actor's actor.
She was so generous to me, and beautiful and respectful and welcoming!
I really appreciate that, because it's really hard to come into a show that's in a fifth season
where everybody knows everybody, and suddenly here comes this new person.
It's like the first day of school when you weird and have no friends.
They were really nice to me, and she especially was just a doll!"

Kate del Castillo, costar of Weeds


"She was very sweet and talented,
and I think what makes her a great actress is her unique choices and style."

Meital Dohan, costar of Weeds

"To be able to work  with Mary-Louise Parker, who, I think,
is one of the most incredibly talented individuals I've ever known, is pretty remarkable."

"I think they(MLP and Elizabeth Perkins)¡¯re both just extraordinary, really.
They¡¯re both just so brilliantly, brilliantly talented. And they¡¯re both such fearless actors
and so thoughtful and generous and wonderful. They¡¯re just everything,
just every definition of the word amazing, the two of them."

Allie Grant, costar of Weeds

"I worked with Mary-Louise before on a film many years ago, called The Portrait of a Lady,
and I liked her very much, and I really like working with her, she's, I think, very talented, very quirky,
very fun to watch, makes quite a few interesting choices, and is extremely receptive and perceptive."

"I find Mary-Louise hilarious. She's super-sharp and very responsive.
She kind of responds to everything everyone around her does. Mary-Louise and I have a tendency...
I think I've probably only had this with people at Steppenwolf [Theater] or maybe, weirdly enough,
with Miranda Richardson, who's nothing like Mary-Louise but whom I've worked with a couple of times.
Mary-Louise is the type you kind of get into a face-off with. It's sort of like,
"Now I'm doing this -- do you get it?" And she responds, "Yes, I get it."
And then it's like, "Now I'm doing this -- do you get it?" And she responds,
"Yes, I get it, but I'm doing this. Do you get this?" So it's a kind of an actor's elepathy.
Almost like reading Braille. It's a completely interior thing.
You're doing something but you're also following along in Braille.
[Mimics reading with his hands] "Did you see this? No? What about this?
Uh-oh. Watch out. I think you're gonna get up. Yes, you are. No, I'm not. OK, well you did...""

John Malkovich, costar of The Portrait of a Lady, Red, Red 2

"I feel the play is written by the actors and the audience every night.
They make the words flesh. David [Morse] is a perfectionist. Mary-Louise is a perfectionist.
They speak the same language. Every time I come in to take a look, I'm amazed at the layering
that's continued since the last time I saw it. The play keeps growing."

Paula Vogel, writer of How I Learned to Drive

"As for Mary-Louise, she¡¯s great and can do all sorts of different things,
so I would love to continue working with her. Ultimately, it¡¯s about us creating a role
that she really wants to play, but I think there¡¯s absolutely the possibility for you
to see Mary-Louise back on Showtime, after Weeds is gone."

David Nevins, president of Showtime, which aired Weeds

"She's great. I've learned so much just by watching her and working with her.
She's an incredible actress."

Alexander Gould, costar of Weeds

"She's a lot of fun, she's so much fun to work with and I've been lucky enough
to have all my scenes with her and basically every single scene that I have in Weeds.
I have to play against her. It's just a privilege to be so close to great actors because for me
that's the best way to bring your own work to a higher level. Once you play with an actor
such as Mary Louise, she's always at the top of her game, she takes you into that direction as well,
she's very generous, she's so hot, she's unbelievably beautiful."

án Bichir, costar of Weeds

"I like working with Mary-Louise, so I hope it goes on."

Justin Kirk, costar of Angels in America, Weeds

"I have just loved working with Mary-Louise, every second.
She's such an artist. She's a really pure artist."

Sarah Ruhl, writer of Dead Man's Cell Phone

"She's very witty and very sweet to be around."

T. Ryder Smith, costar of Dead Man's Cell Phone

"She has strong ideas, and so do I.
But if I'm working with somebody without strong ideas, I feel like [I'm in] a vacuum."

Anne Bogart, director of Dead Man's Cell Phone

"She¡¯s amazing. I feel like I¡¯m her student. I love watching her. She¡¯s offered me such
great advice, at times, with little things, here and there, that helped me grow into myself
as a person and as an actor. On Weeds, in general, we¡¯re just an amazing little family.
We¡¯ve had the same crew for seven years now. Each year we come back, it¡¯s like we¡¯re this family,
and we all get back together again and share stories and laughs.

Hunter Parrish, costar of Weeds

"I wish there were more of that story (romance with the character of MLP) in the movie.
Yes, it was big fun. Mary-Louise makes me laugh. She¡¯s very funny.
It was an ambitious script. There were a lot of things in this film:
action, funny things, funny people, a big spectacular cast, romance¡¦
who knew it was all gonna stay in the movie? [Laughs]? But I liked the romance in it.
We were continually asked to keep the romance as chaste as we
possibly could and I think we did a great job of that."

"Parker's hysterical. She's really funny in this. Comedy, yes. Romance, yes.
She spins gold out of one or two words out of a sentence and can make it into a great joke
so it's easy to act when - you've seen me in a film when it's just been me by myself
with a bunch of model robots... That was no fun."

Bruce Willis, costar of Red, Red 2

"You ought to have the great privilege of doing a scene with her,
which is even more fun than watching her on TV.
It¡¯s just fantastic, like riding a tiger. It¡¯s a great ride."

"Oftentimes she'd bust out laughing in a scene, and I'd think,
'Oh, she's breaking. We're going to do another take,' Then I'd realize,
'No, her character's found something hilariously funny.
I'd better catch up!' She's magical on camera. She just explodes."

Martin Donovan, costar of The Portrait of a Lady, Pipe Dream, Saved!, Weeds

"Mary-Louise is so sexy. It's such a part of who she is."

"Mary-Louise Parker's brilliant at what she does. And that face.
That face that can register a thousand emotions in a minute.
So expressive, so in depth, so amazing. And she just inhabits this character.
We believe her. We feel with her. She's remarkable."

Jeniji Kohan, creator of Weeds

"Today we had two phenomenal actors (Mary-Louise Parker and Treat Williams)
on set playing witnesses in the Howl trial. ... the prosecution witnesses dogmatic approach
as to what constituted great literature and what was mere smut.
This attitude was brilliantly and fiercely embodied by Mary-Louise Parker.
A self-satisfied smile crept onto Mary-Louise's face as she said that without a doubt,
'I think Howl has no literary merit.'"

Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Frideman, directors of Howl

"Working with Mary-Louise Parker was so wonderful.
We met at the rehearsals at the beginning and she was so chraming, hilarious.
But she didn't feel like a mother (in the film). She's far too young to be a mother,
which is ridiculous, but she's a lovely person."

Imogen Poots, costar of Solitary Man

"You understand why she was cast in the hit television series Weeds.
She's got this wonderful idea of thinking of something else when she's talking.
I really enjoyed working with her because she's somebody that you lean into
when you're acting because you don't know what's going to happen next.
She's totally unpredictable and funny in that way.
There's definitely a quikiness to Solitary Man and Mary-Louise helped fulfill that."

Michael Douglas, costar of Solitary Man

"We needed an interesting and attractive presence
that was going to be strong but not too domineering.
Mary-Louise brought a 360 degree characterization to that role we just loved."

David Levien, director of Solitary Man

"Mary-Louise is a great mom, very hands-on.
She has a flair for making an occasion of every holiday."

Susan Sarandon, costar of The Client, Romance & Cigarettes, Solitary Man, from More, 2009

"If you're not a fan of Mary-Louise Parker, you're an ass."

Joan Rivers, from, 2009

"Mary-Louise Parker is really an extraordinary artist and actress. I have
the best seat in the house for her performance every night. It's been a real thrill
and a challenge in the best way to work with her. To her credit as an actress,
she didn't want to be surrounded by lackeys who were simply there so she'd look great.
I think she wanted a bunch of really interesting, challenging and dynamic people around her."

Michael Cerveris, costar of Hedda Gabler, from Playbill, 2009

"Things like trying to have a romance on stage, for me it's one of the most difficult things.
I've done a lot of stuff where there wasn't chemistry and manufacturing that night after night
is a very difficult thing to do. But I love Mary-Louise to death. I don't know if she'd say the same
thing, but I think she likes me. We were able to be in a really safe place to explore that chemistry
that people just have sometimes between each other. Also, she's pretty easy to have strong
feelings about. She's a very giving actress, she's right there with you, and she's very inspiring
to work with. So I am seduced by her talent and her willingness to engage in the play."

Paul Sparks, costar of Hedda Gabler, from Theater Mania, 2009

"When I saw Mary-Louise Parker in Proof, she had the best line reading of the phrase
"f--- you" ever. She's sitting there and thinking about it, and goes "f---" and she pauses,
and the other actor was so
thrown they started in with the next line,
and in the middle of the line she goes "you". I've never been able to get it out of my head."

Anne Hathaway, from Newsweek, 2009

"She is probably my favorite person to work with. We get along really well;
we really understand each other's energies - although we work in completely different ways.
The minute we hit the stage, it is like playing a great game of tennis evey time you work
with Mary-Louise. It is like a great volley. I miss that. She is so smart at what she does;
there is nothing you can not serve to her that she wouldn't hit the ball. Then it becomes fun."

Elizabeth Perkins, costar of Weeds, from Fancast, 2008

"I think that(MLP's odoption)'s a great idea. She's a great mother, she graced our film, came in
and did a really lovely part for us. She had her little boy out and she was a really lovely mother."

Brad Pitt, costar of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,
from People, 2007

"I was startled by Mary-Louise Parker's interpretation.
I wrote Zenia as angrier, more out there, but she quietened everything down,
capturing the character¡¯s loneliness. She made the part better. Good actors will do that."

Tassie Cameron, screenwriter of The Robber Bride, 2007

"If you were lucky enough to see her in How I Learned to Drive or Proof,
you saw theater acting at its best."

Thomas Sadoski, costar of Reckless play, Connecticut Post, 2006

"She's gifted, and not showy."

Kate Winslet, costar of Romance & Cigarettes, from Entertainment Weekly, 2004

"She's cool, but there's nothing bitchy about her."

Ellen DeGeneres, costar of Goodbye Lover, from Entertainment Weekly, 2004

Q: If you play a lesbian in a same-sex love story,
which actress do you think you'd have the best chemistry with?

[Laughs hard.] "Oh, my god! Who would it be? Hmmm. [Thinks for a long time.]
OK, I think it would probably have to be a friend, so I'd feel safe.
Hmmm. ... Oh! It'd be Mary-Louise Parker."

Q: Mary-Louise, interesting. Usually people choose Angelina Jolie.

"Nope, it's Mary-Louise, without a doubt. I'm doing to call her and tell her." [Laughs]

Laura Linney, from PlanetOut, 2004

"I completely respect Mary-Louise Parker, and that made it very easy to work with her
(in Angels in America). Starting in December 2001, we began rehearsing with Mike Nichols.
We were able to live with these characters for a long time.

Patrick Wilson, costar of Angels in America, from Interview, 2003

"Some people have discipline but not talent. With Mary-Louise,
I would be laughing my butt off at every take. I think she's one of the greatest
and most under-appreciateed actors that we have."

John C. Walsh, director and writer of Pipe Dream, from Daily News, 2002

"Mary-Louise is a tremendous influence on me. She has incredible discipline.
She takes the time day-to-day to watch people, to listen to people.
To understand why people do things. And to me, a great actor is someone
who's incredibly compassionate. To me, that's really it as far as an actor is concerned."

Billy Crudup, costar of Bus Stop, from ?, 200?

"I'm not interested in being a hot flash and then gone, ...
I look at actresses like Mary-Louise Parker.
She's so talented, and you can see she's in it for the long haul."

Samantha Mathis, from ?, 2001

(quote edited by Nam by remembrance)

Q: Which actress did you like most to work with?

A: "Mary-Louise Parker and Kyra Sedgwick."

Matt Dillon, costar of Mr. Wonderful, from ?, 199?

(quote edited by Nam by remembrance)

"I saw her in How I Learned to Drive,
and I told her that I hope we could work together in a play someday."

Nicole Kidman, costar of The Portrait of a Lady, from ?, 1996

"By the end of the movie, we were friends. We worked so well together.
I think she's terrific. She works with you. She's very spontaneous."

John Turturro, costar of Sugartime, director of Romance & Cigarettes,
from Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, 1995

"Mary-Louise Parker is just awesome. They(MLP and Joan Plowright) were
two reasons that I wanted to be involved. We had a wonderful time."

Sissy Spacek, costar of A Place for Annie, from Albany Times Union, 1994

"She's very funny and talented. If I were working with someone I couldn't stand,
I just would not do it - that's all."

Alec Baldwin, costar of Prelude to a Kiss, from The New York Times, 1990

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